Oakhaven Bakery

An organic bakery located in Belleisle, Nova Scotia, at the west end of the Annapolis Valley. We use certified organic flours from Meunerie Milainaise in Quebec, a flour mill which stone grinds their flours to retain nutrients and flavour. Most of our yeasted breads utilize a preferment stage to add depth of flavour as well increase the volume of our whole grain loaves. We do not use white flour of any kind in the bakery. We use whole grain Spelt, Kamut, Rye and wheat. We do use a percentage of sifted #50 wheat flour for most of our breads to increase the volume of the loaf.
We also use organic butter, sugars, dried fruits and nuts. 
Our sourdough breads are baked on a different day than our yeasted breads to maintain the integrity of the sourdough culture.
We bake in a wood fired oven that Doug and Coburn built using a design from Alan Scott. The wood comes from local sawmill operators or from our own woodlot in the form of alders and white birch.

Oakhaven Bike Barn

Doug has been involved in the cycling industry since 1980. He has continued to be an active cyclist and mechanic ever since. In 2008 his son Coburn and Doug, cycled from New Brunswick to Osoyoos, British Columbia on a tandem in 32 days. At Oakhaven we stock a selection of most repair items for the average cyclist. We can also special order any item and have it to the customer in 5 business days.
We are able to build wheel sets, repair all makes and models of bikes with the exception of suspension systems. We send those to a distributor in Quebec who has technicians for most major suspension systems.
We can also offer guidance as to he best cycling routes in the area for both road and mountain biking. We work closely with other shops in the province to provide customers with all available options.
We usually have a wide selection of used bikes in stock. At this time we do not stock new bicycles for sale.